1. Gyo Yuni Kimchoe S/S 2015 @ fashion scout

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  2. Gyo Yuni Kimchoe S/S 2015

    Dramatic garden/ war gear ready to hit the city jungle. This powerful presentation reminds you how vibrant the Fashion Scout can be away from the madness and chaos of the Somerset House.

    The duo comes clean about their message for spring ‘15. Nothing is ever too much, more is more and it never hurts to stylise your show with electrifying music a la Blade Runner.

    Words and images by Martha Welles.

  3. showstudio:

    Thom Browne by Viktoria Kim

  4. Rodarte S/S 2015. @ NYFW

    Nothing is too big or small, or unexplored for the Mulleavy sisters and they’ve certainly proved that last night at their show, which was a mermaid in the city inspired canvas filled with their iconic use of delicate mesh fabrics, embellishments and footwear to match and die for. Their enigmatic beauty signature won’t go amiss, the eyebrow rings did the talking as well as disheveled, almost out of the sea hair, glided without sweat and whimsical grace.

    Rodarte’s without a doubt the sea pearl of all things rare and their vision doesn’t get compromised by trend. No doubt they will keep reinventing their fabrics and ideas for years to come, as well as the concept of being fashion designers,transcending from film to art, yet camouflaged, preserving that unique and young identity, that makes them, who they are, today.

    Words by Martha Welles


  5. "She stood over me,
    an empire of flesh,
    and I,
    a poor acolyte,
    worshipping her naked beauty."
    — Dark Raven (via word-digest)

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  6. Jason Wu S/S 2015 just in @NYFW.

    The uncomplicated use of layers and structure, the allure of a demanding New York woman and her busy agenda, the unconditional love of black and charcoals, makes the Jason Wu world, a by interesting place to visit in many more seasons to come. When it comes to Spring and Summer, everything is valid and nothing escapes the brilliant simple line of Wu’s connection to his roots and the business world, the perfect balance between what sells and what stays true to one self.

    Words by M.Welles
    Photos by Guillaume Rojas.

  7. Behind the Scenes at Made Fashion Week.
    Photography by Andrew Boyle.

  8. Recognise.

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