1. gaptoothbitch:

    LIMI FEU SS 2010

  2. stormtrooperfashion:

    Drielle Valeretto by Emilio Tini for unFLOP Paper Magazine, Fall/Winter 2011

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  4. bienenkiste:

    Photographed by Jesus Leonardo for Sicky Magazine

  5. Yena Ahn color palette inspiration LCF collection.

  6. This on my fingers or wrist. Love the snake. It was on Elizabeth I embroidered dress when she posed for the iconic Rainbow portrait immortalised with the words in Latin ” Non sine sole iris”. The snake represented loyalty and her ever watchful eye always aware of the enemy.
    Now why would I do a double snake? One is stripped to its skeleton, it has nothing to hide, nothing to lose, the other has the skin which by all means represents protection,charm and beauty.

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  7. hideback:

    L’enfer Cabaret, Boulevard de Clichy, Montmartre, Paris

    Built circa 1890; demolished circa 1952.

    Entertainment inside the “inferno of hell” included musicians dressed as devils and interior volcanos that spewed scented lava of molten gold. 

    After the “cabaret artistique” was demolished, the site became a Monoprix retail store.

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  8. Elliphant.